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Organized Chaos

Okay I admit it… I am a planner.


It might have something to do with the fact that I am a creature of habit. I am a planner through and though. I can easily jump in and fly by the seat of my pants… if I planned it that way! For example: A vacation… 1)We wake up and go site seeing… we head to the first site and then the next on the way to the third site we will plan to eat somewhere that we find that looks great. Keep in mind, planning to find something in a designated area that was mapped out and googled ahead of time. I’m not a crazy or over the top planned out person. I know I am making myself sound that way from what I am writing. If you spent a day with me you wouldn’t know I truly am a planned out individual. I like and prefer a little structure in life.


Now, everyone has those days or weeks that nothing goes right or as planned. It wouldn’t be life if you knew what you were doing and what was going to happen at all times. I myself have even been known to plan a day of not planning anything just so I can get up and do whatever it is I please. To be honest though, the only time I plan a day without anything planned out is when I am going to be with someone that I know is not a consistent planner like I am. A part of me also knows if I plan something with a non-planner something will fall through and my feelings will be hurt.. Wow, so I guess I am planning regardless. In this situation I plan to not do anything to avoid a hard situation later. I plan to not plan by planning to do whatever it is the other wants to do. Does that even make sense?


If I have free time I fill it. I call someone or a few someones and start making plan after plan until the free time is gone. I also fill it in ahead of time (why you ask) because I am a planner. Someone calls on a Tuesday about a Thursday and there is a pretty slim chance we are going to make anything happen. Now you wan to talk following week plans and we might be able to work something out. I like knowing what is going on and what is coming up. I plan running out for a quick beer and I plan sitting at home, staying in bed and watching movies when it rains.


Are there really people that can do anything and everything through life without somewhat planning it out first? I would go nuts. Maybe I am already crazy. I am the one with a color-coded calendar. Not just a calendar but an outlook calendar, a calendar in my purse, one on my desk and my blackberry calendar fully filled out and linked up to my computer. I have even been known to have a little mini calendar in my glove box in the car. Maybe I should talk to someone about this, could this truly be a problem??


This quick little thought turned more into a whole page of me and my OCD!!


Good thing I planned out the time to write and post this!! ; )


April 17, 2008 - Posted by | Just me


  1. I could tell you all about structure in life. I eat, breathe and sleep structure, its what the marines tell me to do! Pretty cool that you like to be all planned out like that! 🙂

    Comment by morgan | April 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. Organization is essential!

    Growing up, my ‘rents would tell me about vacation the night before we left out. “Pack your bags, we’re leaving for Florida tomorrow.” I never fought ’em over it, and always had my bags packed within 5 minutes. As a child, I never put any thought into organization and structure. Telling me that we were going to Florida for a week the night before leaving out was fine. Now I have a 2-year-old son, and I’m already planning a trip to Disney World for NEXT YEAR. I already have an event on my calendar for March 2009, which is a year away. One of the most important qualities that an individual can have is structure/organization. There is no such thing as being too organized. Much like yourself, I have a calendar with me EVERYWHERE I GO. At any given time, I have a calendar in my cell phone, car, bedroom, and even on my MySpace. I was recently given a very nice leather bound planner by the President of my company.

    Organization = Key To Success

    Comment by Matt Fields | April 17, 2008 | Reply

  3. That’s an awful lot of effort…. In my plans for the “Mini-malization of Rob’s life for 2008” I’ve decided to plan little and live more in the moment.

    I’m liking having a general semblance of a plan, but then also the freedom to makes changes.

    Comment by Rob | April 17, 2008 | Reply

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