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No more children in bars please

Let me start with… this is going to sound awful!!

 I have been in the service industry for over 10 years more like 12 or 13.  Mostly bartending and now again  waiting tables. I definitely prefer slinging drinks to passing out diet cokes and water but you do what you have to. I stay in the business cause I honestly enjoy it (most of the time). I like working one or two nights a week even on top or a full time job. It’s fun and the people are just toooo rad.

The story… I made it a point this time around to pick a restaurant that mostly adults frequent. Every once in a while you will get a kid or a baby even with one of the young couples around the area. Its never that bad. I actually get lucky 90% of the time and the table doesn’t even fall on my in rotation and another server has to wait on them. YAY!  So the other night I am at work (waiting tables) it was not slow not busy. I am working the floor with one other girl who happens to be a blast to work with. We are goofing off doing our thing when we got on the subject of kids. I love kids… just as long as they are related to me or one of my friends kids. If I can’t hand them off or leave the room when they are crying or whining I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I like to buy them stuff, hold them while they sleep… and yeah… that is about it for now. Later on I just know that whole motherly thing will kick in… but only when it has to. Oh yeah, back on track… sooo we are talking about kids…. I’m telling everyone my I don’t like kids… yadda yadda yadda … unless they are in my life and I am stuck with it … blah blah blah…. and right as I finish saying how much I hate waiting on them at work because they are loud, annoying and they most often make a total mess out of the table and the floor surrounding it. NO LIE… A HUGE BUS…. like a Grey Hound on Steroids pulls up and parks right in front of our little double doors. I stop in my tracks as well as the three other people listening to my “bad children and the parents that let them be that way rant” we are all quiet just waiting to see who gets off the bus. Of course the damn windows are tented. I say “Please God let that be Senior Citizens” I will start the coffee and go ahead and drop the chicken fingers with no spices and fries with no seasoned salt. Bland country here we come!!!! We could only hope.

Nope… of course I wouldn’t be that lucky!!! Party of 41. 4 chaperones and the rest … you guessed it… KIDS!!! All under the age 13… shoot me!!!  They pile in our tiny resturant that is more of a bar mind you. Cigarette smoke everywhere… people shooting pool and drinking pitcher after pitcher… and here comes this cross country field trip church group. 

Let me point out. I love the resturant I work at … but if I was driving cross country on a bus and got to swing thru Atlanta. This establishment would not be on my “must see list”!!!

I need a diet coke, a water and a sprite please, 4 dr peppers, 10 sweet teas, I can’t believe you actually make it sweet here… 11 waters with lots and lots and lots of lemons, Ma’am, Ma’am… MA’AAAAMMMM I didn’t get the diet coke I ordered, 2 more sprites, you didn’t take my order I will have a coffee (trying to be cool) and my girlfriend for the next 11 days will have a cherry sprite *got it one shirly temple… ummm no I said she will have a cherry sprite. three cherries not one not four …three!! Yeah dude… I got it I am thinking this is not my first rodeo… again did I mention I have been doing this for 12 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that was just the drinks!! Good times.

This being a church group and all it was one check (that was my one savings grace here) however, because it was a church group and a party over 8 people we added in gratuity 18% and god love ’em we didn’t get a penny over that 18% tip and we kicked some serious ass on that party!!! In and out baby all as happy as they could be being pre-teens stuck on a bus cross country roadtrip.

I can not express how happy I was going to my first day at my new job today… picking up my new laptop, sitting in my office in my amazing leather chair having my own extension!!! Oh yeah I missed life in the buisness world. Waiting on 35 kids really makes me love the 9-5:30 workday!! I am thrilled to have it back!


July 3, 2008 - Posted by | You live and you learn

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