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New Place…

I always complain when it is time to move. It’s a real pain in the ass to get all your stuff packed up and moved over to a new place. Unpacking takes up a ton of time too!! Not to mention gathering up all your friends promising beer and pizza if they give up most of their Sat afternoon. I can also tell you… the people that help me move every year are rockstars because I have some heavy stuff in my collection.

This year it’s a whole new concept. I am so ready to move I can’t even stand it. It would def. be easier to stay where I am. But, honestly I need a change. I’ve never been thrilled with this place or the community. It’s fun and trendy and a popular place. Everyone knows where this complex is and yeah that is awesome… if your 22!! I’m not in my early 20’s anymore and I want different things. What do I need you ask?? Here is a little list.

– A big kitchen that more then one person can function in at the same time. I love to cook and the closet size kitchen I have been working in just is not cutting it. It’s the kind of place where you can’t have the dish washer and oven open at the same time. Yea, one of those. It gets better too… the only place to put my trash can was in front of the refrigerator and the pantry. So to open one or the other you have to constantly push the trash can side to side or out of the way completely. Oh it is fun!! Sometimes it feels more like NY then Atlanta.

– Space for my two dogs inside the house so they are not on top of me all day long. As well as easy access to take them out. I don’t want to get on 2 elevators, climb 4 staircases just to get to a tiny 5×5 grassy area the complex calls a “dog park” haha yeah, no thanks!

– Storage… yes I am 27 I have a lot of things and until I have a house I need storage. By storage I mean closet space lots and lots of closet space.

– A place large enough for my furniture. I have spent a long time building my collection and I have nice things. I want to use it. All of it. No, I am not interested in storage for my table and love seat that do not fit. Why buy it to house it in a garage or controlled temp. garage-like room. NO THANKS!! If all my stuff does not fit I am on to check out the next space.

– Parking. I am so over living in a place where most of the time if you come home after 7pm you have to park 3 or 4 buildings away. Yeah, not cool at midnight when its pouring down rain. No Bueno!! Parking at my building is a must.

– A community pool that you can actually get a pool chair to sit in would be nice. I get that it is the summer and everyone wants to hit the pool. But seriously, when 96% of the people at the pool don’t live in the complex it gets to be a real pain. That’s what happens I guess when your pool is listed #1 in Atlanta by Playboy Mag. Good times!!

– A good area. Somewhere I feel safe that has all the essentials I am looking for. Grocery stores that I like, bars and restaurants that make me happy and a place that I won’t be in gridlock traffic the second I pull out of the community. (In Atlanta that can be hard to find)

With all that being said, I have found it. The moving day has been set. I am so ready!! YAY!!


July 6, 2008 - Posted by | You live and you learn

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  1. Where and When you moving? Gimme a heads up and i can probably help!

    Comment by atlantauser | July 22, 2008 | Reply

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