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An open mind has endless possibilities is going to be my new boyfriend…

Menshealth seems to know how to make a woman happy!! Do guys read menshealth?? How are they missing this? If it is plain as day in black and white and all you have to do is read and apply?? Where is the breakdown here?? haha I thought this was fun… and it entertained me!!

Men, read up!!!

Ladies, tell your men to read up!!! ; )

From, here are Six Secret Ways To Turn Her On:

1. Ditch the Cell Phone. Any guy who can’t go 2 hours without checking in with his friends, his job, his family, comes across as desperately insecure. Turn it off in front of her. She will recognize you as the man who is comfortable and at peace with what’s in front of him.
2. Fix Something. But try to do it in her presence. But make sure it’s something fairly complicated, not just changing a light bulb. There’s a fine line between looking manly and looking like a doofus.
3. Read a Book. Reading in public is a great way to give women an excuse to talk to you.
4. Replace Bottles on a Watercooler. It’s a quick, easy way to make the chicks in the office sit up and take notice of your athletic prowess. You know those bottles aren’t that heavy, but who cares, because women think they are.
5. Write E-Mails Longer than 5 Words. Men are all about keeping things short and to the point, but in chick world, this translates into boring and uninterested. If she writes, “How was your night?” Do not just write back, “It was okay.” Expound a little.
6. Disagree With Her. Women tend to test the limits of a man’s patience and generosity. Some time, when she’s going on and on about something you’ve done wrong, and you’ve apologized for the tenth time, just say, “Shut up.”


July 29, 2008 - Posted by | You live and you learn

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  1. So this is a pretty good list. I would have to say that number 1 on the list should be a must do for guys and girls. There’s nothing worse than being on date only for them to be checking their phone every 10 minutes or so for a call or a text message. It makes me feel like second place to a phone, or like the date is going horrible. Number 6 can be a tough one though. Usually saying “shut up” to a girl you don’t know too well can sometimes end up with getting a slap to the face.

    Comment by Mac | July 30, 2008 | Reply

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