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It started with MensHealth and continues with Cosmo!!

You always here people say “Why do people read that stuff” Mostly I hear it from guys. However, I will tell you that every time I have a guy at my place and there is the latest issue of Cosmo or some other ladies Mag on the coffee table more often then not they reach for it. I could cook a whole dinner, or put out a spread for a little cocktail or dinner party and there is some guy friend of mine glued to a Cosmo the whole time. They pass it around and everything. It’s funny because again these are the same men that ask… “Why do people read that stuff”!! Someone finally responds to the question… in a top 10 list no-less!! (I love love love top 10 lists, thank you David Letterman)

Top 10 Reasons Women (and men) read Cosmo!!

  1. Horoscopes are so on target. The emphasis here was that each month, the readers find themselves connecting with the astrological force of a Cosmopolitan forecast. It’s addictive, and in the event that it actually, to some extent, comes true, it simply perpetuates the cycle.
  2. It’s a harmless guilty pleasure. Despite the $5 issue price, many women feel like it’s a necessary addition to the lineup of small treats-for-the-self to cheer up on a rainy day.
  3. Easier to read than a romance novel. Not everyone has the time, or interest, in reading the latest romance novel series. Cosmo gives quick-witted, contemporary factoids of daily life with the possibilities of love and romance thrown in for good measure.
  4. Celebrity connections. Cosmo showcases a star in each issue, bringing forward the latest in movie gossip, dating foibles, or any other Hollywood news that’s highlighted within a story. For many, this the source for celebrity source updates.
  5. Mental cotton candy. For the educated, successful woman, a quick read of the latest Cosmo is like a day at the carnival. Lots of glaze, fluff, and nonsense that’s perfect for a break from reality.
  6. Smelling good for a week. What better way to enjoy the latest perfume and scents on the market, than a handful of samples? Cosmo is filled with at least 3-4 designer fragrances that can be stashed into a purse for that last-minute refreshment.
  7. Dating advice that actually works.The snarky, witty comments of Cosmo writers and reader polls offer a wide spectrum for specific dating situations. When the best friend is out of town, Cosmo often serves as the surrogate date guru.
  8. Dream wardrobe brainstorm.Filled with celebrities and models that highlight the Best Business Outfit, fashionistas revel in the ideas for their own outfits and shopping ventures.
  9. Confessions. The betraying boyfriend, the backstabbing best friend, the sneaky boss-assistant affair; all the stories area reader’s confessions that are shared for the masses. The entertainment appeal for this section is, not surprisingly, fairly high.
  10. Bedroom tips actually help. When it’s time to overcome boredom in the bedroom, fans do feel that the tips and suggestions in Cosmo help them boost their creativity…or at least provide some insight.

August 14, 2008 - Posted by | You live and you learn

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