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Jukebox 101

I have never been one for the “club” scene. I’m way more into a bar, beer in hand, dart board, maybe a pool table … and more dark wood on the walls and floor then marble. It’s crazy to me how so many bars/clubs are going to the bright lights, white walls and hard tile/marble floors. Why can’t we get more Pub Tables and a popcorn machine between the dart board and the Golden T game?? Soooo my kind of place. This type of place goes hand in hand with live music… and you guessed The Jukebox!!!

You can’t beat a place that will let you pick what you listen to! You are making or breaking the scene with your song selection and that my friends can be a very BIG DEAL!!

More often then not people play crowd pleasers so that’s good. Every once in a while you get some crap like “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany (why that is in a jukebox… I will never know) I was playing music at my Favie Bar last week and believe it or not they had the New Kids on the Block album in there.

Maybe I should rethink my favie bar…. hmmmm.


The new age Jukebox looks a lot like this most of the time. Something you wouldn’t … well I sure as hell wouldn’t call a jukebox, but you can’t complain. It gets the job done and even allows the bar owner to download that random 5 songs you are dying to get on that thing and upload them right in just like an ipod.  Super cool idea… just doesn’t have the old school charm I dig about having a jukebox around.



Super super old school!! Or it’s made retro to look old school… who knows these days with all the cool older stuff people are making.  I dig the old retro stuff… the mixers and the record players. Maybe I should decorate my entire house in retro. Or anything vintage I can come across… I think it would be cool. But I think I would get sick of it quick because I tend to have very modern taste.



And who doesn’t miss the little individual jukeboxes on your table at various diners and dives. It was like a nickel to play a song and hours of entertainment. There has to be a way I can get one of these for my kitchen counter… somehow connect it to my ipod and stereo. Yeah, tell me that wouldn’t be awesome!!  Can you imagine cooking and dancing around in your kitchen to your jukebox tunes? Have your friends over… give them a glass of wine and tell them to pick out some music on your jukebox.

Someone should totally invent that… and if its already out there someone needs to get it for me for christmas!! Please and Thank you!

The reasoning behind this blog in the first place was the negatives about Jukeboxes… only a couple.

– Why is it that when you want to hear a certain song the jukebox never has that particular song. It has ever other song by the artist but not the song you are dying to hear!!

– If you see a great Album in the jukebox and you know of 4-5 great songs on that one record… you pull it up and they only have one song off the album and its not even a hit. You are lucky if you even have heard of it at all. Seriously …. when you pull up Journey Greatest Hits you want Faithfully, Don’t Stop Believin, Wheel in the Sky…. Not Be good to yourself. Every single time its my luck that the jukebox only carries that one song off that album. SO NOT COOL!!!

– Never fails that when you put your $10 in…. you get your 22 plays for your money. You haven’t seen anyone even near the jukebox for at least an hour. So you think “No one has played anything, I’ll go play all my music and get to hear everything I played pretty soon.” NOPE…. even if you are positive no one else has played anything…. You can be in that bar all night waiting and never here $.50 worth of that $10 bucks. SAD. Soooo sad!

– Haha and the worst ever… is when you spend 30 mins at least at the jukebox. You have picked out what you think are the greatest songs ever. And songs that will get the crowd going…. maybe get a couple “yeah, great song choice” head nods thrown your way. You walk away from the jukebox and the second you do the worst song ever comes on (and you swear the volume of the damn thing kicked up on it’s own too) something just awful like “puppy love” by Donny Osmond… or even worse “wind beneath my wings” by Bette Midler!!! UGHHH…. so now everyone thinks you played that crap and totally disregards the next 15 kick ass songs that actually were your choices. Booooooooo


August 14, 2008 - Posted by | Cool Stuff

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