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Old School… Let’s do it!

The whole idea for jukebox 101 came from a kicking little restaurant in Indiana. We would frequent this place for the duration of trips to visit grandma and grandpa. This place was sooo great. Not the food!! But the place… we were kids and the place was a redneck Disney times two!! No rides or anything but they did have a giant dancing and singing stuffed catfish and old school games that you wouldn’t believe. (sucks to be whoever had that job) So this place had the table top jukeboxes… my grandpa would bust out his change holder and hook me up with a dollar in nickels and we would have one hell of a time picking out all kinds of songs.     


You remember these!!! Super cool… whatever happened to these things? Anyone still have one? Bet you could make a killing selling it on Ebay!


Sooooo we did the jukebox thing, (keep in mind we were in a small town in Indiana where there were maybe 3 places to eat one being a Dairy Queen connected to a gas station, the other being a steak place called the Beef House) and knowing it would take forever in a childs opinion to get my food and this being redneck Disney and all I needed more change … this time quarters… because I had hit the motherload!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh Yeah!!!!! It’s sit-down Pac Man!! The best kind of Pac Man in my humble opinion. Growing up with two brothers… you learned how to hang with the guys or “No Fun For You”!!! We spent the rest of what seemed like forever waiting for our food while playing this game!! Still to this day I am dying to have one of these video game tables in my house. This place would even let you eat while playing… woooohoooo Jackpot!!!

I know what you are thinking….  Having your picture taken with a giant dancing Catfish, Old school Jukebox, grandpas kick ass change purse and NOW SIT-Down Pac Man!! There can’t be much more!!! Oh but there can….

we run out of money or my brothers kick me off the box and neither of them ever seemed to lose …. sooo I was bored! The adults were still eating… what to do what to do… yeah go over to the table and find something cool to do!!! Another point for redneck disney because on the tables another oldie but a goodie!!!

Hello!!!!! Does life get any better??? I spend the last 45 minutes of our little Indiana dinner outing jumping pegs from one side of the triangle to the other!!! Thank god for Cracker Barrel and Folks still having this game or I might forget my childhood all together!!!

The adults always seemed to be glued to the old timers checker game. I like checkers… but with my brothers glued to Pac Man… I didn’t have a player two… so peg jumping it was!!


Some horrible peach cobbler some more peg jumping and away we went!! Back to the farm, with the tire swing in the front yard, my cousins running over from next door to go four wheelin and later on a game of flashlight tag around the barn!!! Ahhhhh Memory Lane!!!


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  1. Hey Babe, I love that triangle puzzle. I always get Ignoramoose. Oh well.

    Comment by Billy | August 17, 2008 | Reply

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