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It feels good to be a rock!

I have good friends, okay friends, old friends and new friends, friends that I talk about work with and friends I talk about personal things with … and friends that get everything with no barriers. I was told by a great friend that I was their rock. It’s a truly amazing feeling to be someone that people can turn to, call when in need, cry to when upset and depend on no matter what.

I love those forever friends. You can go days or weeks without talking… or you can even get dinner once a month and you are still as close as you would be if you spent time together every single day. I love love love those friends. It feels good. I love knowing that I have put myself out there enough for people to really be let in. For people to really feel that they know me. It’s pretty cool when someone knows your favorite color, both your dogs names, your best friends (all the details of each) and what you feel like eating for dinner. Again, a compliment having people know you that well.

Maybe it’s a reflection of the friendship I give or the person that I have become and continue to turn into on a daily basis. Regardless, I can look around and really know who I am and where I am headed by the down right amazing people I am surrounded by that have had such a huge role in getting me to where I am and who I have grown to be!!

Yeah, it’s good to be a rock… it’s even better to say that you have one!!


August 18, 2008 - Posted by | Just me

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