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Stupid people!

I just moved into my new place, just as in a month ago!! I haven’t written anything because I have not had internet at home. Let me tell you why…
Comcast and Bellsouth suck!!
I decide where I am moving and when I will move… next step, I call to have internet set up. I can live without a lot of things… but internet is not one of them. I am pretty much the easiest sell ever. I call you and you can get me to pay just about anything as long as you can have it hooked up and ready to go that week. Comcast could not do it. The earliest they could come out was 4 and 1/2 weeks later. I mean seriously?? Did every single person everywhere move the same time I did?? I have been with comcast for so long I naturally just tried them first. Next step, Bellsouth-At&t or whatever they call themselves this week. Same story there too.. they could not come out until the end of Nov. At the point of which I called that was a time frame of over 2 months!! Who does that?? Not to mention… hello I work for a living. I just took off work to move and now you are telling me I need to take off another entire day to sit around and wait for the internet guy to come plug in a cord *just mail the damn thing to me. Not to mention the insane waiting window they give you “okay ma’am we will be out anytime between 11am and 6pm” when in all actuality they will show up at 10:30am knock on your door once (if they knock at all) and have you coming home at 10:45am from your 2 and 1/2 hour workday to find a little note on the door that states something like “Sorry we missed you”.
If you dare even ask if they offer Saturday installation ( and yes you do have to ask because they would never just offer up this information) you are looking at Christmas time to be hooked up.
Let’s do the math… shall we? If you have people who on avg. work 9-5 Mon – Fri and you are a manager at said Comcast or Bellsouth/At&t don’t you think you would do your best to get more techs available weekday evenings and on Saturdays? What happened to giving the people what they want? What ever happened to hello… every time we tell a customer no we are losing money??? It’s hard to believe these companies just bite it like this and miss all those money opportunities.
What did I end up doing you ask??? Wireless baby… all wireless!! I went to Verizon and got myself a wireless card. I travel with work a ton. Now, I have wireless at home when I need it and it comes with me on trips… keeps me blogging in hotel rooms, busy in boring airports and has my attention in all my out of town meetings!! Why didn’t I do this before. I walked in to a store very close to my house… and walked out with a wireless card and a monthly plan that costs less then what I would have paid for my DSL.
It’s a new day!! A new day for me at least!!

September 23, 2008 Posted by | You live and you learn | 2 Comments