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Boston and back!!

I feel like I have spent my life in airplanes and cabs as of late. I have to say … I don’t mind it. I love to travel and I’m seeing so much and going places I never would have if it weren’t for my job. People say that I will get sick of it and eventually the travel honeymoon period will end… But I’m not so sure. I will keep you posted on that. Two weeks ago I spent the weekend in Miami and Tampa, last week I was in Fort Lauderdale… This weekend Boston!! Next stop on my tour Los Angeles and Anaheim just in time for Halloween.
Boston reminds me a lot of NY… People walking, cabs everywhere (honking of course) beautiful none the less. Exceptional churches on every corner and building upon buildings as far as you can see in every direction. I’m writing most of this in my cab on the way to my work event and I have plenty of time to do so because the traffic is crazy!! I mean hello… Its Sunday… Isn’t it? The unique character of the buildings is unlike anything I have seen before. Even though I have no idea where I am in the city in relation to anything… I think this place is pretty great.
Keep in mind though… The sun is shining, I’m here to do a job I totally love and so far no problems.(Knock on wood) I’m sure if I had lost luggage, a bad work event or if it was December and freezing outside I may not like this city as much as I think I do now!!

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