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The sweeter side of life…

The top of my desk

The top of my desk

I have a serious sweet tooth!! And when I say serious… I mean over the top. You can often find me eating peanut butter m&ms for breakfast at my desk or leaving the office mid afternoon for a milkshake run! haha It might have something to do with the fact my dad let me eat cake for breakfast and my mom makes the best cookies (well anything sweet really) ever!! It’s truly amazing I am not 800lbs. I eat healthy for meals I just love little junk food snacks here and there. At work, I have file folders and all of my office supplies ontop of my desk. My tape dispensor, stapler, pen holder, lotion… you name it, and it’s on top of the desk not inside of my desk.  Why not in the drawer you ask….
Theres no room for office supplies because my candy takes up the whole thing. And let me just tell you… the people in my office love me when they need something sweet.
My desk at work!!

A look inside my desk drawer!


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Knowing what you want…

Have you ever put yourself out on a limb… knowing that after the grand gesture was made you would with no doubt be standing out there on your own??

I worked my way out on the limb as far as I could. So now… I guess we’ll see.

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Renewed Faith

It’s amazing that when you forget just for a moment what you had wanted for so long… someone can come in for a second and not only remind you of what you want but prove that it is possible.

Life is wonderful like that!!

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