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My Pun’kins!

I have thrown out not once, or twice… but whole lot of times that I am a pretty good pumpkin carver. I thought I should back that statement up. Here are some of the pumpkins I have carved the last few years. Yay Halloween!!!

The best one I have ever done

The best one I have ever done


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Happy Halloween!!

I dare to say that Halloween is my favie holiday!! Now, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right up there on my list as well. But for some reason Halloween has just always been my thing. I like to think that I am freakishly good at carving pumpkins, pretty creative in the costume creations and just for kicks… I’m throwing in the fact that a couple years in a row I made the greatest orange and black construction paper garland ever!!! Best part… I put it up outside on our Victorian white grand porch… and after an afternoon rain shower… turned that beautiful white porch into a Halloween colored mess!!! Mom and Dad loved that, let me tell ya!
Soooooo this year… I couldn’t do my usual half clothed sexy costume thing because I needed a costume that was work appropriate. I have never dressed up at work before. So … why not!! Two of my very best friends work with me so I grabbed one and told her she was dressing up with me!! We needed something we could do together. (We thought it would be easier to win best duo award over best overall or most original) We didn’t have a lot of time… 24 hours really sooo this is what we came up with….
 My Bff Amy and I dressed up
I know I know… people have done it before. But I hadn’t! I had never worn a costume made out of a box before. It makes you laugh just to put the dang thing on. This costume definitely has its perks too!!
The best parts about this costume….
1) Going to the UPS store and trying on boxes. haha the sales person thought we were nuts!! I mean hello… Halloween was a day away what did he think I was stepping in boxes for?
2) It’s sooooo freaking fast and easy!!!
3) The whole costume I think cost around $6 or $7 bucks… couple bucks for a box, couple bucks for a can of white spray paint, 52 cents for a piece of black poster board and TAH – DAAAAA there you have it!!
4) Can of White Spray Pain in one hand… a glass of red wine in the other… 30 something degrees outside and your best friend along side… I have not laughed that much or that hard in a long long time. That’s worth the time spent right there.
5) Comfy Comfy clothes…. I sit here now at my desk in Black cotton pants, my favorite v-neck tee and a black fleece… and my super awesome fuzzy black slippers. Sooooo I take the box off, and sit at my desk comfy and happy all day!! haha
Yeah … pretty damn good costume if I do say so myself!!

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