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I saw someone do this on their blog… I thought it was cool and something I could wip up in no time. Little did I know it would take me three weeks. Working on it… getting stuck or busy and having to find the time to come back. I didn’t know coming up with 100 Lacey facts would be this hard… or time consuming. It’s kind of cool to sit and think of things that really mean something to you… really make you tick … really define you in a way! This in no way is everything and I could do 1000 more if I had a free couple of months on my hands. For now… and for what it’s worth… here is my 100. Try your own! 
1)   I was born and raised in Georgia and absolutely love being a peach
2)   I love to fish but don’t like to bait my own hook
3)   I’m 27 and 30 doesn’t scare me … yet!
4)   I try to be the best person I can be… and I’m better today than I have ever been
5)   Most of my very best memories took place while doing something outside
6)   My very best friends are all married or engaged
7)   I’m convinced my mom and dad will live forever because my brain doesn’t accept any other option 
8)   I have two dogs and they make my house a home
9)   I am addicted to my blackberry curve even though I probably don’t know about and/or use half the features it has
10) I had my own radio show at 20 years old
11) I work in the wedding industry
12) I have two brothers. I am the middle child
13) I love a comfy comfy couch. The type you sink into when you sit down.
14) My middle name is Ann. I share it with my mom and both grandmothers
15) I was scared to live alone and I have fallen in love with it… even though I can’t wait to share my space again
16) I have written 2 books and have done nothing with them and don’t know if I ever will. I wrote them for me… but I might write one to publish or for someone else down the road.
17) If Im on my laptop I’m in or on my bed (90% of the time not counting when Im at work)
18) I love fair food. Funnel cakes, roasted corn and anything on a stick!
19) I love to cook and I think I’m pretty good at it.
20) I would take a burger and fries over a nice 5 course meal any day of the week.
21) My favie shoes are flip flops I have had since I was 17
22) I have a pair of oversized sweatpants that I call my “feel better pants” and they really do make me feel better
23) I cried the day I bought my jeep wrangler because I was 18 and did it myself… and I will cry the day I sell it because I am so in love with it. A jeep girl through and through
24) Singing used to be a big part of my life. I actually got paid to do it
25) I love peanut butter m&ms
26) Snuggling is the best… ever
27) I love to travel
28) Personal growth has been my greatest accomplishment thus far
29) A song that can take you back to any point in your life is a damn fine song in my book
30) I love to write with pencils. I don’t really get to because it seems there is no place for pencils in the buisness world
31) My favie beer is Yuengling a close second these days is Purple Haze
32) My parents never cease to amaze me. They are nothing short of perfection.
33) I painted my bedroom wall in my last place tourqoise. I really wanted a blue wall
34) I think target is fantastic
35) I hate ranch dressing… I know Im like the only one that does
36) I have a calendar for my purse, one in my work bag, one in outlook, a dry erase calendar and one on my blackberry. I use all of them 
37) It really bothers me when people do not say please and thank you
38) My boyfriend opens the car door for me always and I love it… I think its a dying trend that should make its way back
39) I stopped drinking anything with caffiene over 5 years ago but still need my morning decaf coffee to wake up. It’s a mental thing
40) I only got and used my passport for the first time this year a couple months ago. I’m dying to use it again
41) I’m scared of heights
42) and deathly afraid of snakes
43) I really dislike the color pink
44) It drives me crazy when people ask you to do something they can easily do themselves
45) I love to ride in the car…
46) Im over the top organized at work. And I mean crazy organized… my folder tabs have post it tabs. I have tabs on tabs on tabs and can find anything anytime you need it.
47) I really like blogging even though I don’t feel that I’m that good at it
48) It’s hard for me to find pants that fit most of the time cause I wear a 34′ in length
49) Most of the time I shower 2 or 3 times a day. I love to shower right before I get into bed
50) I love my I-pod and hardly know how to use it
51) I really like the smell of scotch tape
52) I think gift bags are cheating.
53) I have beat one video game in my life. Jak and Daxter on the PS2 and I love it
54) When I sleep I have to have my feet and most of my legs out from under the covers. Not sure why, I just do
55) At work I sit with my legs up in my chair most of the time. Indian style or my knees up to my chest… very professional
56) I set goals for myself and a reward for once I reach those goals. Than I start the cycle over. I find this keeps me reaching for my dreams… anything is possible
57) When I grocery shop I always get a basket even if I need 200 things. Im convinced I can make it fit and don’t need a cart 
58) I love sharpies
59) If we are getting pizza… my vote will always be pepperoni
60) I love to run errands
61) The rain makes any stress I may have go away
62) I met two of my best friends in highschool and the other almost 9 years ago. They are amazing!!
63) My hair is curly/wavy and I wear it straight just about every single day
64) I think an open mind has endless possibilities
65) I love to be barefoot
66) I am a creature of habit and a total planner
67) 24 is my favorite show
68) I wear the same jewelry just about every single day
69) I’m super lucky that I get to work with two of my bffs daily!! Soooo fun
70) I think road trips are fantastic
71) I like tons and tons of pillows on my bed. Extra extra soft please
72) Gerber Daisies are my all time favie but I love roses and all other fresh flowers too
73) I adore board game nights and playing cards
74) I’m a wine girl all the way… red wine only please
75) Listening to music online gets me thru my workday
76) I love cinnamon toothpaste… I don’t know anyone else who does
77) I didn’t know coming up with 100 Lacey facts would be this hard
78) Even though I love the rain…I hate driving in it
79) Laughing is one of my all time favorite things to do and I’ve done it more than ever lately
80) I love love love cheesecake. (hate graham cracker crust though)
81) I truly think people can change… and do change
82) The beach (any beach) makes me happy
83) I think french fries go best with honey mustard
84) Holiday Weeks on The Food Network are sooooo my favorite ever
85) Some people think I don’t shut up and others tell me I am toooo quiet
86) I fell into a new feeling this month and I want it forever
87) I think fruit should be fruit… served alone as fruit. Never in anything particularly desserts!! On the side… but never ever in
88) I watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation every year on Christmas Eve and It’s a Wonderful Life at least three times from Thanksgiving night until January 1st. It’s tradition
89) I hate being cold… but I love the change in season and snow
90) I have horrible eyesight and would love to get lasik, but I always find better options for spending $5000 when it comes down to it
91) I love all music but my favorite has to be country music. I go thru phases
92) I think people that wear bluetooth headsets all day should be kicked in the butt
93) I’m convinced that dreams really do come true
94) If I could travel anywhere right now… Italy is next on my list or some place sunny beachy and amazing
95) I have no patience for rude customer service representatives
96) I love kids
97) I didn’t think I was a very touchy feely person… lately I have proved myself so wrong and I love it
98) I am beyond lucky and happier than I have ever been
99) I must have a REAL Christmas Tree
100) I’ve been in love one time. It has changed my life and continues to every day

November 10, 2008 - Posted by | Just me |


  1. 🙂


    Comment by YHS | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. My middle name is Ann too. No E. Weird. I liked the idea of your post. I might have to try it also. I might just start with 50…hah.

    Comment by zentiment | November 11, 2008 | Reply

  3. Oooh! I love lists like these. I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years and I still haven’t reached a 100!

    Comment by Sleepyjane | November 13, 2008 | Reply

  4. I think you are a wonderful blogger and sound like the epitome of the Southern Georgia Peach. I’m not a fan of Ranch either. But I really love pink. I love all the colors though. Hard for me to pick just one. I also love that you love your parents so much.

    Comment by Lulu | January 11, 2009 | Reply

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