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Idiot Move of the Day

I’m not a big facebook user… I don’t get the features, I don’t know how to find people and I learned how to post pictures on the thing two days ago. I’ve had the account for a while I just haven’t really put enough time into getting things figured out. I’ve always been more of a myspace girl personally because that’s the outlet we most often use in radio/tv/media projects in general. Recently I have figured out that most of the people I want to be in touch with use facebook more then myspace … sooo… I’m making an effort to figure the damn thing out. Trying to get over my back and forth battle with the oh so confusing facebook world I have been talking to friends, commenting, getting in touch, keeping in touch and doing the best I can at all of it. A dear dear friend of mine and I talk maybe a few times a month… a phone call, a facebook message an email here and there… whatever the means we make it happen. Not as often as I would have liked… but none the less we did it. I met this friend in middle school. We are 27 clearly, we have been friends for what seems like forever. Today I went to his facebook page… we hadn’t talked in a little over a month or so. Last time we talked he told me he was moving back to Georgia and I was going to get to see him and we made plans on plans on plans to see each other. Last comment a few weeks ago I was counting down till I got to see him again! Well, it’s about that time… so this morning I had 2 mins to leave a facebook comment and jump into my meeting. I signed on… jumped to his page… left a post on his page that read something like this “I miss your face!! Are you here yet?… its about that time.. hope you are well!!” Typical Lacey message. I post and run into my meeting.
Now… I have facebook on my blackberry. Blackberry facebook is a less detailed version. You see when you get a message, a post or a friend request. Halfway thru my meeting my buddy sent me a message, my blackberry buzzes again, same buddy posted a comment… buzzes again.. another message. I click the link to read the message (in the middle of the my meeting) he writes to tell me that my friend in the first paragraph of this horribly sad post had passed away a little over a month ago. A new reason to hate facebook… I know its not facebooks fault but damn!!!! So I leave a I miss you and can’t wait to see you and call me when you get here message to a friend that is gone. Middle of the meeting tears down my face and an over the top pain because I didn’t know. It took facebook for me to find out. Ugh. I went back to his page and saw comment after comment of rest in peace, you are deeply missed… and thinking of you posts. I looked thru the pictures and just got lost for a while.
I’m sick and sad over this. I hate that I didn’t know. I hate that I didn’t go to the funeral, I’m sick with the idea that plans made wont happen and that I wont see him again when I was looking so forward to it. Just sick over it.
It’s not the best subject and maybe it is terrible of me to even write about all of this but my healing is writing… I had to get it out. The idiot move of the day… caring so much for someone and not knowing something this huge!!!! Not traveling out to see him, calling more, loving better!! We do what we can and life gets in the way… why do we let it?
I want people to know what they mean to me. I want people to know how they affect me, how they make me feel, what they have taught me and how they have pushed me to grow! I think I do a better job letting people know who they are to me and how much they make up my world… but I’m going to do better… much much better. 

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Renewed Faith

It’s amazing that when you forget just for a moment what you had wanted for so long… someone can come in for a second and not only remind you of what you want but prove that it is possible.

Life is wonderful like that!!

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Stupid people!

I just moved into my new place, just as in a month ago!! I haven’t written anything because I have not had internet at home. Let me tell you why…
Comcast and Bellsouth suck!!
I decide where I am moving and when I will move… next step, I call to have internet set up. I can live without a lot of things… but internet is not one of them. I am pretty much the easiest sell ever. I call you and you can get me to pay just about anything as long as you can have it hooked up and ready to go that week. Comcast could not do it. The earliest they could come out was 4 and 1/2 weeks later. I mean seriously?? Did every single person everywhere move the same time I did?? I have been with comcast for so long I naturally just tried them first. Next step, Bellsouth-At&t or whatever they call themselves this week. Same story there too.. they could not come out until the end of Nov. At the point of which I called that was a time frame of over 2 months!! Who does that?? Not to mention… hello I work for a living. I just took off work to move and now you are telling me I need to take off another entire day to sit around and wait for the internet guy to come plug in a cord *just mail the damn thing to me. Not to mention the insane waiting window they give you “okay ma’am we will be out anytime between 11am and 6pm” when in all actuality they will show up at 10:30am knock on your door once (if they knock at all) and have you coming home at 10:45am from your 2 and 1/2 hour workday to find a little note on the door that states something like “Sorry we missed you”.
If you dare even ask if they offer Saturday installation ( and yes you do have to ask because they would never just offer up this information) you are looking at Christmas time to be hooked up.
Let’s do the math… shall we? If you have people who on avg. work 9-5 Mon – Fri and you are a manager at said Comcast or Bellsouth/At&t don’t you think you would do your best to get more techs available weekday evenings and on Saturdays? What happened to giving the people what they want? What ever happened to hello… every time we tell a customer no we are losing money??? It’s hard to believe these companies just bite it like this and miss all those money opportunities.
What did I end up doing you ask??? Wireless baby… all wireless!! I went to Verizon and got myself a wireless card. I travel with work a ton. Now, I have wireless at home when I need it and it comes with me on trips… keeps me blogging in hotel rooms, busy in boring airports and has my attention in all my out of town meetings!! Why didn’t I do this before. I walked in to a store very close to my house… and walked out with a wireless card and a monthly plan that costs less then what I would have paid for my DSL.
It’s a new day!! A new day for me at least!!

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It started with MensHealth and continues with Cosmo!!

You always here people say “Why do people read that stuff” Mostly I hear it from guys. However, I will tell you that every time I have a guy at my place and there is the latest issue of Cosmo or some other ladies Mag on the coffee table more often then not they reach for it. I could cook a whole dinner, or put out a spread for a little cocktail or dinner party and there is some guy friend of mine glued to a Cosmo the whole time. They pass it around and everything. It’s funny because again these are the same men that ask… “Why do people read that stuff”!! Someone finally responds to the question… in a top 10 list no-less!! (I love love love top 10 lists, thank you David Letterman)

Top 10 Reasons Women (and men) read Cosmo!!

  1. Horoscopes are so on target. The emphasis here was that each month, the readers find themselves connecting with the astrological force of a Cosmopolitan forecast. It’s addictive, and in the event that it actually, to some extent, comes true, it simply perpetuates the cycle.
  2. It’s a harmless guilty pleasure. Despite the $5 issue price, many women feel like it’s a necessary addition to the lineup of small treats-for-the-self to cheer up on a rainy day.
  3. Easier to read than a romance novel. Not everyone has the time, or interest, in reading the latest romance novel series. Cosmo gives quick-witted, contemporary factoids of daily life with the possibilities of love and romance thrown in for good measure.
  4. Celebrity connections. Cosmo showcases a star in each issue, bringing forward the latest in movie gossip, dating foibles, or any other Hollywood news that’s highlighted within a story. For many, this the source for celebrity source updates.
  5. Mental cotton candy. For the educated, successful woman, a quick read of the latest Cosmo is like a day at the carnival. Lots of glaze, fluff, and nonsense that’s perfect for a break from reality.
  6. Smelling good for a week. What better way to enjoy the latest perfume and scents on the market, than a handful of samples? Cosmo is filled with at least 3-4 designer fragrances that can be stashed into a purse for that last-minute refreshment.
  7. Dating advice that actually works.The snarky, witty comments of Cosmo writers and reader polls offer a wide spectrum for specific dating situations. When the best friend is out of town, Cosmo often serves as the surrogate date guru.
  8. Dream wardrobe brainstorm.Filled with celebrities and models that highlight the Best Business Outfit, fashionistas revel in the ideas for their own outfits and shopping ventures.
  9. Confessions. The betraying boyfriend, the backstabbing best friend, the sneaky boss-assistant affair; all the stories area reader’s confessions that are shared for the masses. The entertainment appeal for this section is, not surprisingly, fairly high.
  10. Bedroom tips actually help. When it’s time to overcome boredom in the bedroom, fans do feel that the tips and suggestions in Cosmo help them boost their creativity…or at least provide some insight.

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Menshealth seems to know how to make a woman happy!! Do guys read menshealth?? How are they missing this? If it is plain as day in black and white and all you have to do is read and apply?? Where is the breakdown here?? haha I thought this was fun… and it entertained me!!

Men, read up!!!

Ladies, tell your men to read up!!! ; )

From, here are Six Secret Ways To Turn Her On:

1. Ditch the Cell Phone. Any guy who can’t go 2 hours without checking in with his friends, his job, his family, comes across as desperately insecure. Turn it off in front of her. She will recognize you as the man who is comfortable and at peace with what’s in front of him.
2. Fix Something. But try to do it in her presence. But make sure it’s something fairly complicated, not just changing a light bulb. There’s a fine line between looking manly and looking like a doofus.
3. Read a Book. Reading in public is a great way to give women an excuse to talk to you.
4. Replace Bottles on a Watercooler. It’s a quick, easy way to make the chicks in the office sit up and take notice of your athletic prowess. You know those bottles aren’t that heavy, but who cares, because women think they are.
5. Write E-Mails Longer than 5 Words. Men are all about keeping things short and to the point, but in chick world, this translates into boring and uninterested. If she writes, “How was your night?” Do not just write back, “It was okay.” Expound a little.
6. Disagree With Her. Women tend to test the limits of a man’s patience and generosity. Some time, when she’s going on and on about something you’ve done wrong, and you’ve apologized for the tenth time, just say, “Shut up.”

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The stickier side of life

I was inspired throwing out a couple of my favorite bumper stickers in another post. I figured why not put out some more of my favorites.

Let’s do it!!! These are all bumper stickers I have seen and written down or saved in my blackberry for a rainy day!  

-No ones ugly after 2am.

-Beer is now cheaper than gas. Drink don’t drive!

-Slurp my ass!! (yeah seriously… I have seen this)

-DO NOT VOTE FOR HILLARY! She lies and likes to eat kittens for snacks.

-The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it’s still on my list.

-I chose the road less traveled. Now where the hell am I?

-Beer doesn’t make you fat. It makes you lean (agaisnt doors, tables, walls)

-Quoting one is plagiarism, Quoting many is research.

-West Virgina: One million people, and 15 last names.

-I have a degree in Liberal Arts – do you want fries with that?

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New Place…

I always complain when it is time to move. It’s a real pain in the ass to get all your stuff packed up and moved over to a new place. Unpacking takes up a ton of time too!! Not to mention gathering up all your friends promising beer and pizza if they give up most of their Sat afternoon. I can also tell you… the people that help me move every year are rockstars because I have some heavy stuff in my collection.

This year it’s a whole new concept. I am so ready to move I can’t even stand it. It would def. be easier to stay where I am. But, honestly I need a change. I’ve never been thrilled with this place or the community. It’s fun and trendy and a popular place. Everyone knows where this complex is and yeah that is awesome… if your 22!! I’m not in my early 20’s anymore and I want different things. What do I need you ask?? Here is a little list.

– A big kitchen that more then one person can function in at the same time. I love to cook and the closet size kitchen I have been working in just is not cutting it. It’s the kind of place where you can’t have the dish washer and oven open at the same time. Yea, one of those. It gets better too… the only place to put my trash can was in front of the refrigerator and the pantry. So to open one or the other you have to constantly push the trash can side to side or out of the way completely. Oh it is fun!! Sometimes it feels more like NY then Atlanta.

– Space for my two dogs inside the house so they are not on top of me all day long. As well as easy access to take them out. I don’t want to get on 2 elevators, climb 4 staircases just to get to a tiny 5×5 grassy area the complex calls a “dog park” haha yeah, no thanks!

– Storage… yes I am 27 I have a lot of things and until I have a house I need storage. By storage I mean closet space lots and lots of closet space.

– A place large enough for my furniture. I have spent a long time building my collection and I have nice things. I want to use it. All of it. No, I am not interested in storage for my table and love seat that do not fit. Why buy it to house it in a garage or controlled temp. garage-like room. NO THANKS!! If all my stuff does not fit I am on to check out the next space.

– Parking. I am so over living in a place where most of the time if you come home after 7pm you have to park 3 or 4 buildings away. Yeah, not cool at midnight when its pouring down rain. No Bueno!! Parking at my building is a must.

– A community pool that you can actually get a pool chair to sit in would be nice. I get that it is the summer and everyone wants to hit the pool. But seriously, when 96% of the people at the pool don’t live in the complex it gets to be a real pain. That’s what happens I guess when your pool is listed #1 in Atlanta by Playboy Mag. Good times!!

– A good area. Somewhere I feel safe that has all the essentials I am looking for. Grocery stores that I like, bars and restaurants that make me happy and a place that I won’t be in gridlock traffic the second I pull out of the community. (In Atlanta that can be hard to find)

With all that being said, I have found it. The moving day has been set. I am so ready!! YAY!!

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No more children in bars please

Let me start with… this is going to sound awful!!

 I have been in the service industry for over 10 years more like 12 or 13.  Mostly bartending and now again  waiting tables. I definitely prefer slinging drinks to passing out diet cokes and water but you do what you have to. I stay in the business cause I honestly enjoy it (most of the time). I like working one or two nights a week even on top or a full time job. It’s fun and the people are just toooo rad.

The story… I made it a point this time around to pick a restaurant that mostly adults frequent. Every once in a while you will get a kid or a baby even with one of the young couples around the area. Its never that bad. I actually get lucky 90% of the time and the table doesn’t even fall on my in rotation and another server has to wait on them. YAY!  So the other night I am at work (waiting tables) it was not slow not busy. I am working the floor with one other girl who happens to be a blast to work with. We are goofing off doing our thing when we got on the subject of kids. I love kids… just as long as they are related to me or one of my friends kids. If I can’t hand them off or leave the room when they are crying or whining I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I like to buy them stuff, hold them while they sleep… and yeah… that is about it for now. Later on I just know that whole motherly thing will kick in… but only when it has to. Oh yeah, back on track… sooo we are talking about kids…. I’m telling everyone my I don’t like kids… yadda yadda yadda … unless they are in my life and I am stuck with it … blah blah blah…. and right as I finish saying how much I hate waiting on them at work because they are loud, annoying and they most often make a total mess out of the table and the floor surrounding it. NO LIE… A HUGE BUS…. like a Grey Hound on Steroids pulls up and parks right in front of our little double doors. I stop in my tracks as well as the three other people listening to my “bad children and the parents that let them be that way rant” we are all quiet just waiting to see who gets off the bus. Of course the damn windows are tented. I say “Please God let that be Senior Citizens” I will start the coffee and go ahead and drop the chicken fingers with no spices and fries with no seasoned salt. Bland country here we come!!!! We could only hope.

Nope… of course I wouldn’t be that lucky!!! Party of 41. 4 chaperones and the rest … you guessed it… KIDS!!! All under the age 13… shoot me!!!  They pile in our tiny resturant that is more of a bar mind you. Cigarette smoke everywhere… people shooting pool and drinking pitcher after pitcher… and here comes this cross country field trip church group. 

Let me point out. I love the resturant I work at … but if I was driving cross country on a bus and got to swing thru Atlanta. This establishment would not be on my “must see list”!!!

I need a diet coke, a water and a sprite please, 4 dr peppers, 10 sweet teas, I can’t believe you actually make it sweet here… 11 waters with lots and lots and lots of lemons, Ma’am, Ma’am… MA’AAAAMMMM I didn’t get the diet coke I ordered, 2 more sprites, you didn’t take my order I will have a coffee (trying to be cool) and my girlfriend for the next 11 days will have a cherry sprite *got it one shirly temple… ummm no I said she will have a cherry sprite. three cherries not one not four …three!! Yeah dude… I got it I am thinking this is not my first rodeo… again did I mention I have been doing this for 12 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and that was just the drinks!! Good times.

This being a church group and all it was one check (that was my one savings grace here) however, because it was a church group and a party over 8 people we added in gratuity 18% and god love ’em we didn’t get a penny over that 18% tip and we kicked some serious ass on that party!!! In and out baby all as happy as they could be being pre-teens stuck on a bus cross country roadtrip.

I can not express how happy I was going to my first day at my new job today… picking up my new laptop, sitting in my office in my amazing leather chair having my own extension!!! Oh yeah I missed life in the buisness world. Waiting on 35 kids really makes me love the 9-5:30 workday!! I am thrilled to have it back!

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Easily forgotten…

Do you ever wonder if what you put out will be remembered? Do you ever wonder if you make enough of your time spent… to actually make something out of it… that is… well… worth remembering? Do you give enough and love enough to truly earn a spot in peoples memories and hearts?

When a chapter in my life closes and another one opens. It just feels as though sometimes I am easily forgotten. It is so hard to wrap my head around that since I feel as though I give and give and give. Sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Do I give more, do I love better, do I push outward harder?  Is there really a good response to any of this?

If you know me, you know I get quiet when I get upset or sad about anything. Total opposite of my never ended blabbermouth. When I get quiet I think… when I think… I write. (Not here, even though I will honestly try to do better with this outlet) With that being said, lately I have been let down. It’s nothing I care to talk about in a blog or at all for that matter. Just got me thinking…

Did I do enough? Did I know all the negatives upfront and ignore the warning signs all the same? Will I be remembered now that this chapter is closing? Will I learn anything from the ones involved and grow because of it? Did I affect anyone in this situation at all? Because it seems like for the first time in my life I waisted a large amount of my time. I have no regrets on anything I do or have done… until now. That in itself makes me sad/upset.

I let a couple people get the best of me and change me for a bit. I put some goals off and stopped making my life about me. It sometimes takes a good kick in the butt to see what I am doing to myself… and damn did I get that kick. I just was not expecting that kick to be in the gut.  

The good thing to come  out of my emotional sad/upset state is that I am the queen of the “bounce-back”. I hit the bottom for a minute and I fight like hell to spring back up on top. Being angry motivates and allows me to conquer things I have been sitting on. (why did I allow myself to sit on anything?) I am a strong positive wonderful woman! I just forget that every now and again because I let people in that are really good at making me think otherwise. I ate it up this time… and I wont again.

Im back. The sad and quiet me had its time. Now, I’m back. I’m not easily forgotten… I am just easily to fall to trust, I am easily taken advantage of because I care (sometimes…most of the time… way to much) I am easily hurt because I see the good in people. I am easily ready and willing to give people everything when they don’t deserve anything.

I am easily a good person and deserve better!!

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