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If one jumps they all do…

A little group study if you will.

People are not kidding when they say it only takes one… good example of what I am talking about -One friend gets married they all start getting married. Two- The group is married for the most part, one has baby they all start having babies. Lucky for me I am in the middle of wedding season right now so the whole “who’s getting preggo first” thing has not started just yet. Even though I could put money on  who is going to be the first mommy of my group any day of the week.

Back on track, the “one goes they all go” theory works on other things too!! Not just on lifes starting together and new lifes coming into the mix… but with breaking up it happens too.  An example is set. A break up happens and now you are in a group that went from two single people to 6 in a matter of three weeks. It truly is crazy. One starts talking about being free again, meeting new people, going on dates, hitting the bar/patio/happy hour scene again… mostly meeting new people doing new things with new groups. And the next thing you know someone is talking about trouble in paradise out of no where. You think to yourself “Dang I didn’t know they were having any trouble at all”… not even 12 hours later you get the phone call from another friend telling you that “so and so” and “what’s his name” called it quits and the troops are being called together for martinis and a bitchfest to mend “said persons” broken heart. So where are we now?? Three new single folks… a forth longs to be single just to be single again (not totally hating his or her current relationship… just missing the single fun flirty life) so he or she needs to have the “ol talk” with the significant other. Next thing you know… it’s done. Now anyone who is on the fence at all with their current relationship status hears how much fun the single group is having and who would have guessed it… the fights start out of nowhere and the single cool club grows by another number in a matter of days!!

If one jumps they all do applies to a lot of things really. It truly is amazing how it works. I like to say it’s that time of year or there is something in the water. But to be honest… I just think actions envoke thoughts and thoughts lead to actions. Kinda cool how people influence people and it shows. I’m all for it as long as you are happier because you followed the leader off that cliff.


July 17, 2008 Posted by | People in general... well my group at least. | 1 Comment