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Knowing what you want…

Have you ever put yourself out on a limb… knowing that after the grand gesture was made you would with no doubt be standing out there on your own??

I worked my way out on the limb as far as I could. So now… I guess we’ll see.


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Old School… Let’s do it!

The whole idea for jukebox 101 came from a kicking little restaurant in Indiana. We would frequent this place for the duration of trips to visit grandma and grandpa. This place was sooo great. Not the food!! But the place… we were kids and the place was a redneck Disney times two!! No rides or anything but they did have a giant dancing and singing stuffed catfish and old school games that you wouldn’t believe. (sucks to be whoever had that job) So this place had the table top jukeboxes… my grandpa would bust out his change holder and hook me up with a dollar in nickels and we would have one hell of a time picking out all kinds of songs.     


You remember these!!! Super cool… whatever happened to these things? Anyone still have one? Bet you could make a killing selling it on Ebay!


Sooooo we did the jukebox thing, (keep in mind we were in a small town in Indiana where there were maybe 3 places to eat one being a Dairy Queen connected to a gas station, the other being a steak place called the Beef House) and knowing it would take forever in a childs opinion to get my food and this being redneck Disney and all I needed more change … this time quarters… because I had hit the motherload!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh Yeah!!!!! It’s sit-down Pac Man!! The best kind of Pac Man in my humble opinion. Growing up with two brothers… you learned how to hang with the guys or “No Fun For You”!!! We spent the rest of what seemed like forever waiting for our food while playing this game!! Still to this day I am dying to have one of these video game tables in my house. This place would even let you eat while playing… woooohoooo Jackpot!!!

I know what you are thinking….  Having your picture taken with a giant dancing Catfish, Old school Jukebox, grandpas kick ass change purse and NOW SIT-Down Pac Man!! There can’t be much more!!! Oh but there can….

we run out of money or my brothers kick me off the box and neither of them ever seemed to lose …. sooo I was bored! The adults were still eating… what to do what to do… yeah go over to the table and find something cool to do!!! Another point for redneck disney because on the tables another oldie but a goodie!!!

Hello!!!!! Does life get any better??? I spend the last 45 minutes of our little Indiana dinner outing jumping pegs from one side of the triangle to the other!!! Thank god for Cracker Barrel and Folks still having this game or I might forget my childhood all together!!!

The adults always seemed to be glued to the old timers checker game. I like checkers… but with my brothers glued to Pac Man… I didn’t have a player two… so peg jumping it was!!


Some horrible peach cobbler some more peg jumping and away we went!! Back to the farm, with the tire swing in the front yard, my cousins running over from next door to go four wheelin and later on a game of flashlight tag around the barn!!! Ahhhhh Memory Lane!!!

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Jacked Up List

I have found myself using the expression…”That’s jacked up” more often then not lately. With that being said, here is my Jacked UP LIST!
– Pregnancy tests at the check out. No candy, no gum, no batteries, tissues, mini flashlights or any other useless junk… that I always buy last minute from standing there waiting to purchase! Instead a whole check out line full of nothing but pregnancy tests. Really???? Is that one of those impulse buys… oh I think I need a pregnancy test…. might as well have one or two on hand… What could possibly be the motive behind that display??-A hamburger shop named Pickle’s!! Why not Hamburger, Burger Bun, Burger World? Why not another pick of the garden? Call the place Lettuce… or tomato… mayo maybe?? I think the only reason this upsets me is because I hate pickles and I mean hate them!!! (Unless they are fried… come on I am from the south) A place called Onion’s probably wouldn’t have held my attention this long.

-I was at lunch and found a ladybug, a dead ladybug in my salad. Had I moved some more lettuce around I am sure I would have found two or three more. The manager comes over I tell her and she said “It must be your lucky day, you win” !!!! Win what? A dead ladybug? Are you kidding me? She leaves the salad and the dead ladybug in my face after I said I was no longer hungry and was good with out a replacement dish. (rule number one of service: If someone is not pleased with their meal or anything on the plate REMOVE THE PLATE!! The more they look at it the more it upsets them… its a fact!) Oh yeah good times!!!

-I had someone tell me I looked fat this week! It was yesterday! I’m a size 4… fat? Yeah, jacked up!

-Drug Tests for jobs. There really does need to be another concept thought up. This is way more info then you cared to know. But guys have it pretty easy! Yeah peeing in a cup not so hard, when you have peed in beer bottles and god only knows what else while standing, lying or sitting. You pretty much point and go. Women, not so easy!! Sitting, holding a cup, making sure you pee enough to pass the line. Crazy and a little challenging to say the least!! I had to ask the Nurse Man… “is there not an easier way?” You would think someone would have invented a better way! A contraption of sorts so you don’t run the risk of peeing on your hand or leg… let alone getting any on your clothes. I sat/stood there about to pee in a cup for my very first drug test and thought… beyond jacked up!!

-Jacked up Bumper Stickers-

-So your kids no honor student. Society needs laborers!

– Squirrels-natures speed bumps

-Save the trees, wipe your butt with an owl.

hahahahahaha, I laugh… but what the hell!! That’s jacked up!!

-Shrimp Chips and Banana Puffs!! I go to visit two of my favorite co-workers, super fun and sweethearts to the max!! I go to their office to visit (they work in the web room. big open space with lots of pretty amazing mac computers, huge screens everywhere and desks set up so they can work at their own stations but have the team support thing as well. Pretty cool.) and when I visit I come with gifts. This certain time I had a handful of tootsie roll pops!!! Mmmmm mmmm so good!! I hand over the goods and they offer me some snacks. Yay snacks!! You guessed it Shrimp Chips and Banana puffs!! Now, they described the snacks to me… and the snacks tasted pretty spot on to the descriptions. But I just wasn’t prepared for it. The Shrimp chips were down right NASTY!!! I mean NASTY NASTY!!!! A little cheese cracker looking thing… bite down and oh my god that is not good and the aftertaste is even worse and it doesn’t go away. Everything you try to stay away from when eating seafood… that old fishy taste/smell. Yeah, that is exactly what it tasted like, just in cracker form. The Banana Puffs, were shaped and textured the exact same as a cheese puff. These are yellow in color and taste totally sweet and banana-ie!! Very puffed sweet cereal taste almost… but then you get it in the face with the processed banana flavor. Oh, and I might tell you I hate anything banana flavored. LOVE BANANAS hate the fakey flavor. Soooooo if you like banana and super super sweet. Go ahead and try them… Shrimp Chips… stay away from those things all together!! These snacks are jacked!!!

-One of my best friends next door neighbors got bit by a snake. This poor girl was trying to save the snake from being killed (by another neighbor) figured it was a harmless and went in to pick it up after trying with a broom, cooler, shovel to get it off this little old ladies porch. This girl wanted to move the snake put it in the woods and be good to go!!! She went to pick up the snake and got bit in the hand… and within 10 mins the snake is dead (death by shovel) and the poor girls hand had swollen 5 times what it was!!! Yeah, turns out after a visit to the ER, it was a copperhead. Her hand and arm were totally swollen to the point where the lower part of her arm looked like her upper thigh. The pictures looked like a blown up latex glove. It was insane! I haven’t been around many snake bites… but if the swelling moved past two joints in her arm they were going to have to give her anti-venom. They try to stay clear from this stuff unless they have to use it… because they give it to you and you are deathly ill for the next 72 hours with a trip to the ICU with your name on it. Needless to say from the quick swelling… she got the anti-venom and is still there. Now they are talking surgery!!!

The jacked up part… well yeah, the fact that she went to pick the snake up not knowing what it was first. But the really really really jacked up part… my two girlfriends that were in the ER room with this poor girl were sitting around thinking up names for her hand. They were looking for the “cankle” term for a fat hand and arm joined together!! One in the same!!!! Poor girl bit by a snake and the butt of all jokes in the ER!! Was pretty funny though.




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Best story ever… not really.

I had a pain in my ass day… well more like a pain in the ass half a day. Here’s how it went.

I go to work in the morning. Not to early not to late… work my ass off at my new job that I totally love. Just really busy right now since I am trying to learn everything and figure out my own system for it all. I leave the great job to head to job number two. Since I drove everyone to lunch I was down to pretty much empty in my jeep. I stop to fill up at my usual gas station… (no where near job #1,  but just a few mins from job #2) I grab the trusty check/debit card and go to pay at the pump. I put it in once… enter my pin and I see INVALID CODE ERROR. So I do it again… INVALID CODE ERROR again… I stop here just about everytime I need gas so I don’t see how this is not working. I have even used this exact pump. I go inside at the gas station and try… still not working. At this point I am just about late for work. I had enough time to drive from job #1 to job #2 and get gas between.  I come back out to my jeep grab my cell to call my bank as I dig thru my wallet to see if I have any cash to get gas to make it to work just a mile away. I turn my debit card over to get the bank 1-800 number and wow…ummm… okay that is not my signature and Im sure as hell not Jessica Bernstein!!!!!

At this point (Im not an idiot) I figure out I don’t have MY debit card and somewhere somehow the switch-a-roo happened. I just didn’t know where or how exactly. We had the same card. Same color, same stripes, same everthing …. yeah I still felt like a big dummy for letting that happen regardless. I dig and dig and find a couple bucks in change to at least make it to work. After calling my boss telling him I will be a few mins late to work… and I AM NEVER LATE TO WORK!!! I work at a bar/pub so I knew if I got there I would have enough cash in my pocket to pay for more gas later. I pump and drive to work the whole time on hold with my bank. After a good 10-15 mins of holding and the worst hold music ever… DISCONNECTED!!! I call again walking into work… put on hold… 20 mins go by and DISCONNECTED!!! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE!!! I go do some work, come back in the kitchen and call again… I can’t get anyone on the phone.  At this point I just want to check my balance to see if my new card holder had spent any of my money. I spent $22 of hers before finding out and I felt horrible. I get into a non-complete version of online banking. Basically PC/blackberry banking, you can get your balance and that is about it. HOLY CRAP ARE YOU KIDDING ME…. $3000 short!!! She spent $3000 in two and half days. IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE WITH A DEBIT CARD… what ever happened to needing a pin, or a matching billing address, what about anything???

I fnally get someone at my 1-800 bank line to pick up after my shift at 11:30pm… asking me if I could please call back in an hour because the bank systems are down!!! YEA NO PROBLEM… SOME CHICKS JUST SPENDING ALL MY MONEY… BUT YOU GO AHEAD AND FIX THE SYSTEM!!! AGHHHH

I get home and try to login to Online Banking. NO, ACCESS DENIED!!! Please call your 1-800 bank number.

I called again and finally cancelled my card/accont and asked to be able to use my online banking again. I told them that I had another girls card thinking if they freeze her account or put a note on her online banking she then might know what happened. WHO AM I KIDDING??? She knew exactly what she was doing… I ask again WHO SPENDS $3000 in two days.

Here I am in the middle of getting up to speed a new job and I have to budget time to go into my bank and sit down with someone to dispute the charges on my card (all charges from NY by the way… ummm Im in Georgia and you have to investigate) They check it all out and then if it checks out I get my money back.

Try not being able to spend your money when you know you have it and work for a living to keep it. Not so much fun!!

A day after I figured this all out, I am still dealing with the mess, having to call all my bills to pay online or to just tell them my card number is now changing… FUN!!

Could be worse right>???  I know I know I am just over dealing with it at this point.

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It’s an election year… and with that… politics season.  

  I often wonder why people always want to talk about politics. I know why they do right now… we are in the middle of an election year. Of course people want to talk about it now… why not 8 months ago… why not 10 months from now after the election. People were not talking politics 8 months ago because they knew things were staying as they were until the following November. I also think people won’t be talking about them 10 months from now because whatever happens in the election will happen. It will happen and be that way for the whole term to follow. It’s kind of sad how thought process gets lost before and after the presidential election and only lingers for a couple months during the true campaign season.

  As for now… everyone is on the subject, everyone wants to talk politics and it’s driving me mad. Let me tell you why…

  – People think they can change your opinion and with that… your vote. Just maybe they can throw out a fact about a candidate that you haven’t heard 50 times that might make you jump ship. Or if they get all upset and in your face about it maybe that will sway you. I actually had someone offer to take me out for a couple drinks to change my mind. Implying I would simply change my voting habits and overall stance on life and politics after a house merlot or two. Ummm no!!

  – More then most get into a political debate with me and then they can’t even stay up with the conversation because they haven’t got a clue. This is not just political conversations… it happens all the time. Why do people insist on talking about things they have no clue about. Passion to me is not ignorance … it’s knowledge and understanding of something you feel strongly about. I say be passionate… not stupid. 

  – I also love the people that think one way and if you think another you are wrong wrong wrong. They are not necessarily telling you that you should believe what they do… more or less they are just telling you what an idiot you are for thinking the way you do. I am all about standing for something and educating others about that something… I will however never understand putting people down or telling people they are wrong for standing behind what they think.   

  – My all time favorite… the person that gets into a heavy conversation with you about something only to dominate the conversation and not let you get a word in edge wise. They don’t try to change your opinion or get mad at you for it… because hell they don’t even know what you stand for in the first place. They are only interested in hearing themselves speak and that’s it. When talking to this type of person I like to just continue working or if at a bar I start to people watch. I throw in a nod or an uh huh… every now and again and call it a day. That way I don’t give my opinion to someone who didn’t want to hear it in the first place and the narrow minded one-sided person I was “talking” to gets to hear themselves talk for however long it takes said person to feel good about themselves.  

  These reasons among others are why I have decided not to discuss politics with anyone anymore. There are my select few of course… very close friends and family that will always know my thoughts and feelings on just about every subject and will get as many conversations with me as they want about it. But the rest of the world can wonder on this topic.


You know my stance because I am proud of what I believe and often wear all my feelings on any and every subject on my sleeve… but politics… no thank you, I won’t talk about it.


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