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It’s an election year… and with that… politics season.  

  I often wonder why people always want to talk about politics. I know why they do right now… we are in the middle of an election year. Of course people want to talk about it now… why not 8 months ago… why not 10 months from now after the election. People were not talking politics 8 months ago because they knew things were staying as they were until the following November. I also think people won’t be talking about them 10 months from now because whatever happens in the election will happen. It will happen and be that way for the whole term to follow. It’s kind of sad how thought process gets lost before and after the presidential election and only lingers for a couple months during the true campaign season.

  As for now… everyone is on the subject, everyone wants to talk politics and it’s driving me mad. Let me tell you why…

  – People think they can change your opinion and with that… your vote. Just maybe they can throw out a fact about a candidate that you haven’t heard 50 times that might make you jump ship. Or if they get all upset and in your face about it maybe that will sway you. I actually had someone offer to take me out for a couple drinks to change my mind. Implying I would simply change my voting habits and overall stance on life and politics after a house merlot or two. Ummm no!!

  – More then most get into a political debate with me and then they can’t even stay up with the conversation because they haven’t got a clue. This is not just political conversations… it happens all the time. Why do people insist on talking about things they have no clue about. Passion to me is not ignorance … it’s knowledge and understanding of something you feel strongly about. I say be passionate… not stupid. 

  – I also love the people that think one way and if you think another you are wrong wrong wrong. They are not necessarily telling you that you should believe what they do… more or less they are just telling you what an idiot you are for thinking the way you do. I am all about standing for something and educating others about that something… I will however never understand putting people down or telling people they are wrong for standing behind what they think.   

  – My all time favorite… the person that gets into a heavy conversation with you about something only to dominate the conversation and not let you get a word in edge wise. They don’t try to change your opinion or get mad at you for it… because hell they don’t even know what you stand for in the first place. They are only interested in hearing themselves speak and that’s it. When talking to this type of person I like to just continue working or if at a bar I start to people watch. I throw in a nod or an uh huh… every now and again and call it a day. That way I don’t give my opinion to someone who didn’t want to hear it in the first place and the narrow minded one-sided person I was “talking” to gets to hear themselves talk for however long it takes said person to feel good about themselves.  

  These reasons among others are why I have decided not to discuss politics with anyone anymore. There are my select few of course… very close friends and family that will always know my thoughts and feelings on just about every subject and will get as many conversations with me as they want about it. But the rest of the world can wonder on this topic.


You know my stance because I am proud of what I believe and often wear all my feelings on any and every subject on my sleeve… but politics… no thank you, I won’t talk about it.



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