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I love sharpies!!

I have a little sharpie obsession. Okay little might be considered a white lie to some. I have a big sharpie obsession. I write with them all the time… even if the task clearly doesn’t call for it. I have ever color and they are everywhere in my house. I mean all over kitchen drawers, my purse, laundry room, tool box and weird enough my underwear drawer. That’s where I keep the good colors so I don’t over use them. Sad… I know. Soooooo I was jumping around from blog to blog today and I found this!! A whole basement decorated with SHARPIE!!!!! Yup… you heard me. No wallpaper, no paint to mess with … a few sharpie markers, a vision and some time. LOVE IT!!!!

Nice... don't ya think?

Nice... fun...

How crazy is that!!!!? Continue reading


December 4, 2008 Posted by | Cool Stuff | | 5 Comments